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Jay Tausig Recordings  currently available for Download

NEW Releases for 2021!!

NEW Sept. 2021     Purple View  Acoustic, Progressive, Psychedelic, Space

March 2021   Ancient Roots, Modern Branches Celtic / Folk
March 2021   True To Life (Progressive / Space

Feb. 2021      NYX (Progressive/ Space)   

May 2020    Excursions Into Ambience Live in the Studio (Ambient)
Dec. 2019   Opus Omnia (Prog)
Dec. 2019   Interstellar Odyssey (Prog)
Dec. 2019   Inventions Volumes 1&2 (Ambient / Electronic)
Nov. 2019   The Wizard's Dream (Spacerock / Prog)
Nov. 2019   Resonance (Psychedelic / Spacerock / Prog) 
July 2018    Waking Dreams (Prog)
Oct. 2017   Chromium Hawk Machine - Annunaki 

                  (with Nik Turner & Helios Creed ) Black Widow Records
Nov. 2017   Clear Is The Light (Prog / Spacerock)
July 2017    Continuum (Psychedelic / Spacerock / Prog)
July 2017    Wandering Through The Mist (Psychedelic / Space)
Jan. 2017    View From A Lawnchair In The Galactic Meadow   

                   (Psychedelic / Folk / Prog)
Jan. 2017    For Warmth And Green Paper (Songs by Nick Drake)
Jan. 2017    Incantations / Universal Vibration (Spacerock / Prog)
Jan. 2017    Quadrophenia Revisited (Songs from Quadrophenia by the Who)
Nov. 2016    Clavicula Nox (Zeuhl / Prog)
Oct. 2016    Mors Vincit Omnia (Zeuhl / Prog)
Oct. 2016    Walk The Bridges / Face The Demons (Zeuhl / Prog)
Oct. 2016    Five Second Hourglass (Prog / Spacerock)
Sept. 2016   Crystaline (Prog / Psychedelic / Spacerock)
May 2016     Of Infinite Space (Spacerock / Prog)
Jan. 2016     Excess Refraction ( Songs by Peter Hammill)
Jan. 2016     Here (Singer / Songwriter)
Nov. 2015    Reflections And Quiet Splendor (Space / Prog)
Oct. 2015    Beneath The Surface (Spacerock)
Oct. 2015    Hello From Earth (Psychedelic / Prog)
Oct. 2015    Dreamscape Seven (Ambient / Space)

Oct. 2015    Floating Through The Ether (Ambient)

Oct. 2015    The Memory River (Ambient / Psychedelic)
Sept. 2015   Infinity (Ambient / Prog)
Dec. 2014    Pulsating Worlds (Psychedelic / Jazz / Prog)
Nov. 2014    Adventures In The Ozone (Free Jazz / Experimental)
Nov. 2014    333 (Free Jazz / Experimental)
April 2014    Swim (Spacerock / Progressive)
March 2014  Drift (Space / Progressive)
March 2014  Delirium (Prog) Recorded in 2010
March 2014   R3 (Ambient / Electronic)
March 2014   Was Ist Das? (Ambient / Electronic)
March 2014   Implications Of Invisibility (Hard Rock)


2011 - 2012   The 12  Album Concept Series

                     "The Trip Around The Sun" (Spacerock / Prog)

                     Capricorn: Top Of The Mountain
                    Aries: The Fire Within
                    Cancer: Shell Of Silver And The Beehive Heart
                    Pisces: Vast Ocean Dream
                    Libra: Eternal Balance
                    Aquarius: The Revolutionist
                    Scorpio: Water Dragon and Fire Bird
                    Taurus: Roots Of The Earth (Reggae)
                    Virgo: Keeper Of The Flame
                    Gemini: The Chaos And The Calm
                    Leo: Majesty Of The Sun
                    Sagittarius: The Higher Mind


Sept. 2011    Ipse At Non Solus (prog)
This release marks the Start of releasing solo albums digitally. 
The beginning of a very prolific 9 years.
The title translates  to "Alone, But Not By Myself".
By this time I had built enough confidence in my ability to play all the instruments on my own, and my studio was complete. 


From 2004 - 2008
I was focused on the D'arcana project as the principle songwriter, Vocalist / Multi Instrumentalist with:
( Shelby Snow - Bass, Vox, James Camblin - Guitars,Vox )
During this period we performed live at some festivals and numerous regional gigs with various drummers. We released 3 albums on CD and they are all available as downloads and CD.

June 2007     D'arcana - Premonitions (2CD) (Prog)
Dec. 2007     D'arcana - As Worlds They Rise And Fall (Prog)
July, 2005     D'arcana (Prog)


June 2000     A Gathering Of Days  (Singer Songwriter) - limited 100 copies now out of print

March 1998   E- Motive (Self Titled Debut)
This was the last band I was with in NYC before relocating to California. We played a few shows, most notably opening for FISH from Marillion in NYC and Philidelphia.

Prior to 1998 I was writing for and performing with NYC Prog Trio"Lunar Sea" ( Jay Tausig- Vocals / Guitars, Ritchie Corbo-Bass,
Pat Connelly - Drums, Joe Nevolo - Drums ) . We did several regional shows (Once opening for The Magick Brothers in NYC) and did some recording sessions but the material was never released.
I do have all of the recordings in the archives but there are no immediate plans make them available.
Also during this time I was creating my first solo album "A Gathering Of Days".
The title track was released on E-Motive's album.
The material was performed at many early solo gigs (notably doing a 45 min. opening slot for the band GONG in nyc, and a 45 min set at The Vet's Hall in Ca. opening for a Beatles tribute act for an audience of about 700 ). Both shows recieved standing ovations. The cd was released as 100 CD's.

I no longer have the ADAT masters, but I do have a copy on CD, perhaps It will eventually see a re-master and re-release in the future.


Singles, Compilations, Tribute Albums

Fruits De Mer Records (England)
I was a part of many compilation projects (and some original music as well) for this outstanding label. Here is the complete list:

The Darkest Voyage
"The Oracle Speaks", a collaboration with Astralasia

Head Music 2
"Father Cannot Yell
" Originally by CAN

Head In The Clouds
"Triangulum" a 24 min. original song


A Band For All Seasons - 4 cd set w - bonus tracks

"Let No Man Steal Your Thyme" (Trad.) "Time Has Told Me" (Nick Drake)

A Band For All Seasons - 3 Vinyl Record set
"Let No Man Steal Your Thyme"

Keep Off The Grass - 2 Vinyl Comp
"Open My Eyes" The Nazz / Todd Rundgren

Head Music - 2 Vinyl Comp
"Surrounded By The Stars" Amon Duul 2

Kopf Music - 3 cd Comp
"Surrounded By The Stars" Alternate Heavy Mix Amon Duul 2

Sorrow's Children - Vinyl, the songs of Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow
"Well Of Destiny"

ReEvolution - Vinyl, the songs of the Hollies
"Elevated Observatioms" Graham Nash

Shrunken Head Music - Vinyl
"The Glorius Om Riff" Gong / Steve Hillage

A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl - 2 CD The Music of Pink Floyd

Strange Fish vol. 5 - CD
"Shortwave" by Jay Tausig 

Strange Fruit and Veg - CD
"Ace Of Spades" Motorhead

The 14th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus (Day Two) - CD comp
"Extensions Of Infinity" Jay Tausig (From "Of Infinte Space")

A New Career In A New Town (More Songs By David Bowie)
"Bewley Brothers"

Regal Crabomophone Annual 2012
Thick As A Brick" Jethro Tull


I have recorded tracks for several tribute albums through the years on Various Labels. Here is the Complete List:

2017 - All Of Us Pilgrims (tribute To Peter Hammill) Indie

"The Comet, The Course And The Tail" and "I Will Find You"


2015 - More Animals At The Gates Of Reason (tribute to Pink Floyd) AMS

2013 - Steppes Beyond The Colossus (tribute to Steve Hackett)"Icarus Ascending"

2012: Tales From The Edge (tribute to YES) Mellow Records

"Wondrous Stories"

1998 - The Fox Lies Down (tribute to
Genesis) Purple Pyramid

"Visions Of Angels" with Daevid Allen of Gong on Vocals


1997 - Schizoid Dimensions (tribute to King Crimson) Purple Pyramid
"In The Wake Of Poseidon"

1995 - Eyewitness (tribute to Van Der Graff Generator) Mellow Records"Solitude", "On Tuesdays She Used To Do Yoga", "Slender Threads"

1995  - Supper's Ready (tribute to Genesis) Magna Carta

"Undertow" with David Hentschel

"Undertow" is where it all begins.

It was the first thing I was ever hired to do for a label.
It was a huge success from a sales perspective,  and it introduced me to a

whole world of new fans.
It was during a time when Tribute albums were still a Big Deal.
Many of my musical heroes (John Wetton, Brand X, Annie Haslam. etc.) are featured on that album and it was a great honor to be included.
Still proud of it to this day.
It led to being included on "Eyewitness" and "Schizoid Dimensions'...
Thank You Mike Varney for taking a chance and making that early sunday morning phone.