I have been writing, recording and performing music professionally since 1992 . I also am a Visual Artist who enjoys creating in a Variety of mediums. I started out with a passion for vocals and drums at a very young age, at age 9
I began playing the guitar.
Everything I do, either Audio or Visual, is a direct expression of my love for what I am doing in that moment...
I Love Improvisation, Strange Electronics, I am a big fan of All Kinds of music,
but I have always had an appreciation for Psychedelic, Spacey things.

So I created this site as a way to get it all into one place, and branch off into a few new areas at the same time.
As a musician I am Primarily a solo artist, I play a wide variety of instruments. Some Bands I have played with are: Chrome, D'arcana, Lunar Sea, E-Motive, Paradox Drive, Solid Space, and more recently Chromium Hawk Machine w/ Helios Creed (Chrome) and Nik Turner (Hawkwind).
I have collaborated with members of Gong, Hawkwind, Yes and many other wonderful musicians
over the years but for most of my recorded work I still mostly play and sing everything myself.

The music I have created over the years has been released on several labels (Fruits De Mer, Mellow Records, Black Widow, Purple Pyramid, Magna Charta) but mostly I have been an Independent Artist releasing Original music on CD,  Vinyl (and of course Downloads) for the last 10 years or so and at this point (May, 2020) I have over 50 original albums.
12 of those releases are from the Astrology Themed project "The Trip Around The Sun" (an entire CD for every sign of the Zodiac) and they are just now seeing a digital release after a few years time. The Artwork by Ed Unitsky is featured on this site in the store. There are many guest artists on all of those recordings from all over the globe

I have recently completed a 13 song LIVE video series, (Excursions Into Ambience) which is coming out as a new album May, 25th.


All Jay Tausig music releases can be found in all major music shops.
Here is useful link for many of my Full Albums all in one place:
www.bandcamp.com/jaytausig : (a $30 annual subscription gets you 10 previous albums, as well as
 everything I release for that year).